Wednesday, May 31, 2017 


No Bones About It

So where did mankind originate?

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author


ast week, I came across an item in an internet magazine that spoke about mankind's origins were in Europe based on some bones that were found in central Europe. Knowing that Myrtle is an expert on people migrations, and had just written and published a book about the subject, I forwarded that to her.

So I read this report. Several considerations occur to me as follows:

1.  The continents were connected and divided long ago, so I don't see that it matters where these ancient bones were found. Bulgaria is between Asia, Europe and Africa.

2.  Recently I watched a TV program about different early human species and that many humans today have all these various ancient strains in their DNA.

3.  According to the Bible Genesis account, humans were created the same day as mammals, the 6th.

4.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say how long a day was. I looked in thesaurus and found the word day could be era, period, portion of time, epoch, etc.

5.  Translation of languages is very difficult. I found that truth by reading the Bible in different languages. Meanings vary from one language to another. There may be several variations of details in one language and only one word for them all in another. Socrates had five words for love, but left out agape. Often to translate one word requires a sentence or a phrase
to describe the concept, and even then not clearly.

6.  There is quite a lot in the Bible forbidding mixed breeding between species. There is nothing forbidding breeding between different species of humans. I doubt the black, white, Oriental, etc are different species, but variations of one species. Are roses one species or many? Are dogs one species with wolves.

7.  Selective breeding produced many strains of wheat, roses, dogs, pigs, cattle. Is domesticating animals good?

Myrtle speaks with Patti MacaHonic in 2015

8.  Apes, monkeys gorillas and the like are rather different from humans. I don't know why some people keep trying to find a missing link between them and humans. It is a waste of time. There are many kinds of much more important research to do, such as slowing down global warming, by making alternate fuel sources affordable.

9.  Our politicians keep subsidizing use of fossil fuels, increasing pipelines for export of unrefined crude oil, fracking, etc. Why? because they want to overcome unemployment.

10.  There are better ways to employ more people. One I would like is to hire a conductor to be on every bus to improve safety and cleanliness for the driver and the passengers, especially on school buses, but on adult buses too, and to clean the windows!

11.  If I had to get a heart transplant I would not accept a pig's heart valve, but I might accept a plastic one! Should I? Plastics are made from fossil fuels I think.


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