Sunday, May 7, 2017 


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Union policy wonks illustrate solidarity at Central Park

Staff/Voice photos


Long-time NDP supporter Richard Harrington and Chilliwack candidate Tracey O'Hara make their way to Central Community Park on Saturday.


here do you take grievances when experiencing problems with a unionized employer?


Locally, you'd turn to the Fraser Valley District Council, Canadian Union of Public Employees or the Canadian Teachers Federation to help employees navigate bureaucratic nightmares.


Each May, local unions demonstrate their solidarity. This year, big union wonks were at Central Community Park Saturday to celebrate decades of working for safe conditions, living wages etcetera.


Being an election year, local NDP candidates Patti MacAhonic (Chilliwack-Kent) and Tracey O'Hara (Chilliwack) dropped by the party to chat with members and their families.


Chillwack-Kent NDP candidate Patti MacAhonic (l) at Central Community Park on Saturday.


Unions just don't work for members, they also focus on affordable childcare, education, pensions, living wages setting precedents for everyone in the community not just members.



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