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Maximum Ride

Handcycle parade and demonstrations, BBQ and more June 10

Peter Froese, Spinal Cord Injury BC/Submitted photos


Handcycle demo day is June 10. See how it works for these rides. Below, Peter Froese, Peer Program coordinator, Chilliwack volunteer.


he Handcycle Demo Day is an opportunity to give public some exposure to the fantastic recreation/sport of handcycling. Our goal is to have as many handcyclers (with their bikes), out and give people the opportunity to see a variety of different types/models of handcycles, learn the pros and cons of each by talking with the owners/riders, with the option of taking one for a ride around the big parking lot.


Also present will be a few vendors on hand with some of their handcycles, not necessarily to solicit sales, but to make contacts, and answer questions of potentially interested buyers. That way, people are able to develop a somewhat informed opinion on whether a handcycle would make a positive impact on their well-being.

After the public "demo" phase of the event from 11:00am-2:00pm, all handcyclers (and bicyclers, if any) are invited to go for a ride around the Chilliwack area. The ride can be anywhere between 5km or 50km, depending on the feedback I hear from from riders. I have some great routes that can be relatively flat terrain or we can ride some hills as well!


SCI-BC is a non-profit peer support organization for people with spinal cord or related injuries.  As such, we are involved in a number of different opportunities and events to encourage people with SCI an active and productive lifestyle.  One of these events is the SCI-BC Handcycle Demo Day 2017.  It is at the Parade Square parking lot at UFV campus Vedder Crossing, Chilliwack on June 10.

Donations of any amount can be made here to Spinal Cord Injury BC. Donations stay local to help people in BC.


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