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Weekend Warriors

Huskers looking good in the pre-season

Rod Hudson story and photos


Last Sunday, the Valley Huskers look ready to tackle the season head-on. Below, Eddie Steele (Saskatchewan Roughrider) leactures the boys.


said it before and I’ll say it again “What a difference a coach makes”.  That has to be the underlying statement after what was probably the most constructive, best organized spring camp that the Valley Huskers have presented in decades. After the final barbeque on Sunday afternoon, the most common expletive heard from the players was “wow, what a weekend.”

The camp started on Friday evening with an address from Head Coach Reist letting everyone in attendance know that this wasn’t Kansas and he wasn’t Dorothy.  “If you’re not on board you may as well leave now because the Huskers don’t have any use for anyone that isn’t fully committed to the program.”  That set the tone. 

The changes started with a new Scarecrow logo and finished with a new attitude.  The high level of skilled coaches and assistant coaches had a very well planned weekend that included meetings and practices concluding with an energetic scrimmage on Sunday afternoon. 

Between the discussions in the classrooms and the activities on the field the staff and players were treated to a smorgasbord of energy giving food provided by the host hotel, the Chilliwack Coast, and the catering committee lead by Irene Spalding being served by the board and club volunteers.  Food service volunteers commented positively about the gratitude, politeness and general demeanour of the players.

Blake Atkinson, OC for the Manitoba Bisons giving some pointers.

Both on the field and off the field the coaching staff were very supportive of the players passing on their skills and knowledge of the game, which the players I spoke to found most refreshing.  The guest coaches were approachable and supportive with very inspirational talks given by Head Coach Reist, CFL player Eddie Steele (Saskatchewan Roughrider) and Blair Atkinson (OC with the Manitoba Bisons) at the tasty chicken barbeque on Saturday evening.  

All of the players went home with a lot more knowledge of the game and skillsets they can build on before the main camp which starts on July 3rd, in preparation for the season opener on the July 29.

Congratulations must be extended to General Manager Moe Agagnier, Head Coach Bob Reist, volunteers and staff for a job well done and a new beginning for the Valley Huskers.

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