Monday, May 22, 2017 


Ryder Lake Grape

All's Well That Begins Well

Neighbours pitch-in to make it a special day

Peter Whitlock, president, Ryder Lake Farmers' Institute


y thanks to the crew who came to the Hall Thursday morning and did a great job to get the Hall Gardens looking good. Laurie Hirschman, Daphne Clegg, Ariel & Barry Eastman - much appreciated.


We did not get time to finish the whole job and may organize one more go at it. I notice the eves need emptying if someone with a ladder is up to that job too.

Thanks to Kids Club crew for a great pot luck dinner on Thursday evening.

It was well-attended and great community support for Conrad and Louise.


As always the food was amazing and a special thanks to everyone who helped in the kitchen and with cleaning as there was a Hall rental the next day.



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