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Abbotsford Police Department honours staff and civilians

Cst. Ian Macdonald


Civilians receive awards May 9, 2017


n May 9, 2017, the Abbotsford Police Department hosted their 2nd Annual Commendations Celebration.

This was an occasion to recognize the exemplary service, sacrifice and contributions of our police officers, professional support staff and citizens who have characterized the APD’s values of Honour, Integrity, Courage and Service.

These are the individuals that have been nominated for recognition from within the APD. Each of these individual’s actions was not in anticipation of receiving an award but rather it was their instinctive response to make the choice to get involved and aid others in need of assistance.

Thirty-seven police officers (including 2 from other police agencies), 9 professional support staff, and 21 members of the public were selected to receive awards.

2017 APD Commendation Ceremony

2016 Officer of the Year Award in Honour of Sergeant Mike Drebit: S/Sgt. Rick Stewart

Chief Constable Commendation


• Response to stabbing at Abbotsford Senior Secondary: S/Sgt. J. Burrows, Det. T. Wheatley, Cst. J. Uppal, J. Longhurst, L. Ward

• Exemplary and long-standing leadership to Emergency Response Team: Cst. D. Mitchell

• Performing life-saving medical treatment on gunshot victim: Cst. A. Odintsov

• Assist in rescue of a suicidal male: Cst. D. Stevens

• High-risk hostage situation: Sgt. D. Sansalone, S. P. Dyck, Cst. D. Mitchell, Cst. K. Harder, Cst. A. Odintsov, Cst. T. Gump, Det. I. Alldritt, Cst. T. Sales, Cst. A. Wood

Inspector Commendations

• Response to stabbing at Abbotsford Senior Secondary: Cst. P Quaglia

• Locating kidnapped male: RCMP Cst. M. Jordan and Police Service Dog “Dave”

• Life-saving measures on shooting victims: Cst. T. Gump, Cst. C. McLellan, Cst. D. Heideman, Cst. R. Gray

• Life-saving efforts of a citizen in New York identified from citizen’s 911 call in Abbotsford who was an online friend of New York citizen: J. Longhurts, J. Wellwood

• Quick apprehension of suspect involved in robbery and assault of elderly male: Cst. S. Savinkoff, Cst. J. Baskin, Cst. M. Lequesne, Cst. M. Ronningen

• Self-initiated efforts to support 911 Awareness & Education Month: C. Jung, F. Dooley, A. Kelly, V. Sidhu, K. Gayger

• Investigation, identification and arrest of Arsonist: Det. T. Demers, Det. J. Parker, Det. I. Parks

• Investigation, arrest and conviction of murder suspect: Cst. J. Boonstra, Cst. C. Colgan (West Vancouver Police Department)

• Dedication of service to the APD Ceremonial Unit, attendance at more than 100 Ceremonial Unit: Sgt. D. Wilding, Sgt. C. Wiebe, Cst. S. Moore, Det. I. Parks, Cst. A. Page

Police Board Commendations

• Intervene in violent attack on students: Citizens K. Lachelt, C. Blatz, P. Thompson, R. Comeau, B. Cuthbertson, S. Hurley, S. Dowedoff, L. Burdeyny, D. Varnes, S. Roufosse.

• Assist in rescue of a suicidal male: Citizen K. Funk

• Intervene and stop a violent assault: Citizen J. Copp

• Assist in rescue of male in water filled ditch following vehicle accident: Citizen G. Noske

• Assist and stop a violent assault & detain offending male: Citizen A. Bahraini

• Assist stranded motorists and police with 2017 Fraser Valley Storm: Citizens J. Kielstra, E. Schroeder, B. Bartsch, L. Woods, A. Woods, J. Jacobs, T. Dykman


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