Feature Story                                                                                            Wednesday July 11, 2012


Born Lucky 

Man rescued at the last second as train smashes into scooter 

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Police investigate the scene of a scooter vs. train accident Tuesday at the Young Rd. crossing.


ome people are just born lucky. Such was the case Tuesday afternoon when an elderly man was fortunate to have escaped with his life after being yarded from his scooter by a passerby moments before it was hit by a train at the Young Rd. CN crossing.


According to witnesses who watched the drama unfold at around 5:30 P.M,  the man assumed it was safe to cross under the barriers because the train was stopped, however that particular train was being switched by yard crews.


The reason the barriers were down was because another train was whipping in on the main line.

As fate would have it, the scooter wheels caught a rut with the train bearing down on him.

The train's conductor, who saw the man on the tracks ahead of his train told the Voice there was no way he would have been able to stop.

"I was like yelling, get the hell off the tracks, get out of the way," said the unnamed conductor. "I can't stop a train that fast."

But the man wasn't getting out of the chair until he was dragged out just in the nick of time.

It's very distressing for train crews who are frequently sent into panic mode if they think someone was just hit. According to him, the Young Rd. crossing is a problem waiting to happen.

"People on the tracks are a problem. This is a bad area," he said.

Young Rd was closed for more than an hour. RCMP dropped the man off at his home safe and sound later, but the scooter was out of luck.

On Wednesday morning, police and CN crews dealt with another man who was walking along the tracks near Ritchie Brothers wearing nothing but a towel. He was later found in the ditch alongside the tracks.

Police remind people to pay attention to crossing signals and not walk on the tracks.


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