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Fresh Food Without The Middlers

Chilliwack Farmer's Market connects consumers directly with growers

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Shoppers browse kiosks stocked with fresh food Saturday at the Chilliwack Farmers Market.


hether it's Farm to Fork, the 100-Mile Diet or agri-tourism, farmer's markets are a beloved element of the community.

For people in Chilliwack, the farmer's market in the parking lot at Minter Country Garden Store on Young Rd. offers some excellent buys for those who want to bypass the middleman and deal direct with the farmers.

Instead of wandering around the country looking for farms selling produce to the public, a handful of farmers set-up kiosks at Chilliwack Farmers Market where they sell a good selection of fruit, vegetables and even honey.

Geoffrey Dalman runs the market and told the Voice that it is becoming more popular with locals over the last 3-years of doing business.

"We're finding that towards the end of the second year the beginning of the third year, that families are actually changing their grocery shopping habits now that there's a sense of dependability and security that we will be here every Saturday." explained Dalman.

"The families are coming out and buying their groceries from the local famers, fresh by the people who made it so they know goes into them when they're grown, they're not buying stuff that's grown half a continent away."

Dalman says that market regulars include pregnant women who are concerned about what's in the food.

"For young families, and those with the pregnant mothers, it's very important for them to be able to talk with the people that make and grow the food so that they get the information straight, without any marketing or spin between them and the food."

According to Dalman, the Okanagan fruit has been rolling in over the last couple of weekends.

"We've got cherries and peaches. The cherries this year are huge, they're the size of small plums."

The market is located in the parking lot at Minter Country Garden Store, 10015 Young Road North, Chilliwack.

Open Saturdays June 25 to September 10, from 9 am to 2 pm.

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See more photos below. Pictured above is Geoffrey Dalman at the market.

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