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Mr. Lube, Midas, Ok Tire Store, Tireland, O'Connor Dodge and Chilliwack Ford.


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Fri March 13

Seed Exchange

Harrison Mills


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Recommended Reading

Betty Krawczyk's

This Dangerous Place

While jailed for contempt, Betty wrote about her life from Louisiana to the Law Courts of BC. Her book is for sale. Click photo for link.

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Sat/Sun March 7-8

Girls Fly Too!


Outdoor Water Furnace

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What do the stars have in store for us this week?

Read Georgia Nicols' weekly here. She writes like she knows you.


This Week

March 1st to March 8th

All Signs:

This week there is an exciting dance between lucky, moneybags Jupiter, unpredictable Uranus and fair Venus. When spontaneous Uranus dances with money planets, this means pennies from heaven. (Oh yeah.) However, hold the phone. Do not immediately bet all your money on long odds that pay off big because there are no guarantees. But it is a fact that many of you will receive a boon or a windfall this week. Read your sign to find out where this might happen in your life. But I repeat - there are no guarantees for this influence, which admittedly does exist.

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January 2015

Real Estate Report 

Stats courtesy of CADREB


Chilliwack & District Real Estate Board Residential Sales Stats


There were 134 residential real estate sales in Chilliwack during  January 2015 which is up from January 2015 when 115 were sold. There were 351 new residential listings in January this year compared to 363 in January 2014. Total listings in January 2015 were 1,268 which is down from January 2014 when 1,377 were listed.


Single Family Homes (SFH)

CADREB reports that there were 76 single family detached homes sold in January 2015,  up from January 2014 when 59 were sold. Currently, there are 183 new SFH's listed compared to 206 listed in  January 2014. There were 626 listings in January this year compared to 701 in January 2014.



There were 34 Town home sales in January 2015 compared to 26 that sold in January 2014. There were 83 new listings in January this year compared to January 2014 when there were 70 listed. A total of 254 were listed for sale in January 2015, which is down slightly from January 2014 when 267 were listed.



There were 6 apartment units sold in January 2015 compared to 16 that sold in January 2014. There were 40 new listings in January 2015 compared to 45 listed in January 2014. The total apt listings for sale this year in January was 207 compared to 212 listed in January 2014.


Mobile Homes

There were 9 mobile home sales in January 2015 compared to 6 that sold in January 2014. There were 21 new listings in January this year compared to 19 listed for sale in January 2014. There were 65 active listings in January 2015 compared to 85 listed in January 2014.


Homes with Acreage

A total of 9 homes with acreage were sold in January 2015 compared to 8 that sold in January 2014. There were 24 new listings in January compared to 23 listed in January 2014. In total, there were 116 listings in January compared to 112 in January 2014.


The Bottom Line

Total residential sales in Chilliwack for January 2015  was $40,092,116 compared to January 2014 when $34,183,864 changed hands.


For more information visit


March 5 2015

This is day the 64th day of the year
There are 301 days left in 2015


1815 Franz Anton Mesmer, a German physician who pioneered the medical field of hypnotic therapy, dies in obscurity in Meersburg, Swabia.


1946 In one of the most famous orations of the Cold War period, Winston Churchill condemns USSR and declares, "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent."


1955 Elvis Presley made his TV debut when he appeared on the weekend show 'Louisiana Hayride' on KWKH TV, broadcast from Shreveport Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana.


1963 The Hula-Hoop, a hip-swiveling toy by Wham-O became a huge fad across America is patented by Arthur "Spud" Melin. An estimated 25 million Hula-Hoops were sold in its first four months of production alone.


1966 Near the very height of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War American popular-music fans made a #1 hit out of a song called "The Ballad Of The Green Berets" by Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler.

1969 Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison is charged with a single felony count and three misdemeanors for his stage antics at a Miami concert a few days earlier.


1977 The Dial-a-President radio program, featuring President Jimmy Carter and CBS news anchorman Walter Cronkite, airs for the first time.


1978 "Hello, Dolly!" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City for 152 performances


1984 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that cities have the right to display the Nativity scene as part of their Christmas display.


2012 The U.S. requests New Zealand extradite Kim Dotcom and three of his MegaUpload associates, forcing them to face charges for breaching copyright.


With files from Wikipedia, the History Channel, Historynet, This Day in Music and other sources.

Chilliwack River Valley COPS Volunteers Needed

CRV Citizens on Patrol are looking for volunteers. Check for stolen cars, neighbourhood problems, or other police matters. Cars are marked so people will know we are out there. Needed for May to September on Fridays and Saturdays in particular.


For more information call Joe at: 604-745-7915


Chilliwack Gas Prices This Week

February 28

112.Shell -Yale Rd.


Last Week

110.9 Esso - Young Rd.



15¢/gal Venezuela

S. America

This Week's Crude Oil Price

 $48.91/bbl Thurs Feb 27 2015

$49.73/bbl last week

Courtesy of Bloomberg


Sat March 14

An Affair of the Arts

CCAC Fundraiser

Tarps for everything!

Contact Ryder Lake resident Jamie Irwin at 1-778-808-4104

Non-paid advertisement


Recommended Reading

Steve Covey's

Grey Redemption

Colonel Simon Alexander, a famous African mercenary, languishes away in Black Beach Prison. Failing health makes an unsupported escape impossible, and the diplomatic process is failing as fast as his health.


Covey is a local Chilliwack author.

Nov 25, 2014

Issue No. 13

Footprint Press

Sat April 11

Food Truck Festival

Heritage Park

Health Contact Centre

If you or someone you know needs help click the poster

for more information

Sat March 28

Artists Wanted

Vineyard Church

Tues March 17

Native Career Fair


March 26

Roy Orbison Tribute


Feb 2 - Mar 12

Lions Dance Fest

Chilliwack Cultch

March 4 - 15 

Julius Caesar

UFV Theatre

Monday Mar 16

Spirit Abreast

Dragon Boat Team

Decades Coffee

Sat Feb 28

Cirque de la Musique

Preston's Restaurant

Every Sunday

Free Drum Circles

Yarrow Cmny Ctr

March 6

Chris Antonik


Sat/Sun March 7-8

Girls Fly Too!



March 5, 2015








Today 13°C

Low -3°C

POP 20%

Friday Outlook

Cloudy 12°C


Courtesy of

Environment Canada and

The Weather Network

The Finest Car Dealer in the

Upper Fraser Valley

Sun March 15

Live Show

Chilliwack Cultch

Fri March 6

Chris Antonik



Save a tree, and maybe an owl

Get your news online

Public Service Ads

Doug Fraser, Chilliwack SAR Search Manager, was out on the river Saturday in their new jet boat. See Ready to Rescue.


Agassiz Author Carol Sawyer

February Class

Registering now


Sat July 25

Treasure Chest

Heritage Park

  Local Crime News 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Driver Arrested After Running on Police

A man tried to avoid being stopped by police and took off up Chilliwack Mountain. Read Sgt. Gerry Hansom's report here.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Man Arrested in Road Rage Incident

A driver rammed another vehicle during a disagreement in traffic. Suspect faces several charges including Possession of a Weapon with Dangerous Intent. Read more here.


Monday, March 2, 2015

RCMP Looking for Male and Female Involved in Attack

Police look to public for tips regarding a late night attack on a man walking home from work in the Williams St area causing serious injuries.

Read more here.

See more police news here  »  

Thurs March 5

Bryan McPherson


Sat Feb 28


Chilliwack Cultch


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Upcoming Event

One Small Step

Astronaut sets down in Abby March 7-8 for Girls Fly 2 free event

By Kirsten Brazier, GF2


hen the Apollo 11 crew landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969, a ten-year-old Lawrence watched in black and white from 393,309 km away. That’s when she became an astronaut. 

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crime Beat

Street Squabble

Woman makes knife threat during argument

Staff/Voice photos


group of people got into an argument in front of the Driftwood Apartments on Cook St. Tuesday afternoon. During the course of the dispute, a Native female insinuated she had a knife. Apparently, the weapon was not produced.

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Warm Welcome for Paddlers!

Icebreaker iceless last weekend for kayak races

By Barb Taylor, CCE


here was no ice for this weekend’s IceBreaker! Sun shone down for the CCE's first of three ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Federal Politics

Liberal Cultures

Chilliwack-Hope riding campaigning heats up

Staff/Voice photos


hilliwack-Hope riding candidate Louis De Jaeger was busy at Anavets Tuesday evening with about ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Community News

"Education Is No Crime"

Chilliwack Bahá’í community joins worldwide campaign

Released by April Neave, CCS


ore than 85 Canadian communities will screen Maziar Bahari’s film “To Light a Candle” as part of a global campaign ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

School Board

LEEDing the Way

Chilliwack School District gets certified in sustainability program

By Carrie Pratt, SD33/Handout photo


t its regular Board of Education meeting on September 17th Superintendent Evelyn Novak ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

City News

$eeing $igns

Are new no panhandling signs just a waste of money?

Staff/Voice photos


ill "expensive" new anti-panhandling signs make a difference, or will they just be more of a distraction than they're worth for drivers ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Music News

On Air

CIVL looks for sponsors and talent for Battle of the Bands

By Timo Francke, CIVL Radio


IVL Radio 101.7 FM is proud to present its 3rd annual Battle of the Bands!
Come out and ...

Read more here  »



 Feature Story    Thurs., Feb. 26, 2015


Rapid Fire

Quick call saves home from worse damage says Chief

Staff/Voice photos

speedy call to 9-1-1, and a quick response by the Chilliwack Fire Department, were key factors in saving a home situated in the 8900-block of Hazel Street ...

Read more  here  »



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Local News

Fox on the Run in  Abu Dhabi

Celebrating 20th annual run in UAE

Released by Judith Fox-Alder, TFF


ver the past 35 years, writers have spent countless hours trying to describe the incredible athletic and ...

Read more here  »



Friday, February 27, 2015

Local News

Safe to Say

JIBC a dynamic and unique college with community as its focus

Staff with notes from Dr. M. Tarko/Voice photos


r. Michael Tarko, President and CEO, Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) was at the last council meeting February 17th to give an overview of the facility which is part of a BC-wide network of schools that has ...

Read more here  »



Friday, February 27, 2015

Lotto News

In Giving Colour

Lotto winner donates it all to son's school

Released by OLG


hen Michael Schlater of Leamington walked into the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto, he already knew what he planned to do with the ...

Read more here  »



Friday, February 27, 2015

Health News

Happy & Healthy

GP for Me expands into rural areas, improves access to prenatal care

By Asma Farooq, CDFP


he Chilliwack Division of Family Practice is making it easier for expecting and new mothers in the ...

Read more here  »



Friday, February 27, 2015

Live Entertainment

Irish Awesomeness

Crikey Mor bring their traditional fun to Harrison March 14

By Mel Dunster, HFS


ictoria-based Irish traditional band of awesomeness, Crikey Mor, will be celebrating St. Paddy's Day in the intimate ...

Read more here  »



Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fire News

Hazel Dryer Fire

These types of fires are more common than you think

Staff/Voice photos


dryer malfunctioned at a condo in the 9400-block of Hazel St. Friday and caught fire and in a short time began to creep into the wall. 

Read more here  »



Saturday, February 28, 2015

BC Politics

Dropping Dough

How parties spend money says a lot about campaign

Dermod Travis/Integrity BC


he returns are in and some of the 2014 local election campaign spending isn't pretty.
        But first a quick peek at some of the spending by the 'distant cousins' that seems to have been lost in the feeding frenzy over those candidate returns.  

Read more here  »



Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fed Politics

Toughest Yet on Crime

Proposed legislation would target repeat violent offenders

By Robert Pearsall, PA to MP Mark Strahl


ark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon highlighted proposed changes to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) that would seriously restrict the release of repeat violent ...

Read more here  »



Saturday, February 28, 2015

Art News

The Art of Longevity

Agassiz artists celebrate 54th annual show

By Loretta Douglas, AMP


ur Art Group takes pride in that this will be our 54th Annual Art Show. This event will take place on Saturday ... 

Read more here  »



 Feature Story   Sun., March 1, 2015


Full Tilt Boogie

Mission arcade club brings back the golden age of pinball

Staff/Submitted photos

“retro miracle has bloomed and is now being harvested in the heart of the Mission City.” What was once a forgotten era ...

Read more here  »



Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crime Beat

Wrapped & Roped

Woman flees from police in stolen vehicle, arrested on foot later

Staff/Voice photos


hen police ran the plate on a Jeep Patriot about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, it came back stolen. The Mountie tried to pull the driver over ...

Read more here  »



Monday, March 2, 2015

Sports News

The Dream Team

Spirit Abreast dragon boaters Meet & Greet Mar 16

Staff/Photo by Sherry Hunt


t's that time of the year already. The ladies of the Spirit Abreast Dragon Boating Team are dusting off their paddles and getting ready ...

Read more here  »



Monday, March 2, 2015

Student News

A View to a Skill

Chilliwack to host skills competition March 5

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus


he University of the Fraser Valley will play host to this year’s Upper Fraser Valley's Top of the Skills Canada British Columbia’s (SkillsBC) regional skills competition on March 5, 2015. 

        The competition, one of 13 taking place throughout British Columbia, provides a platform for students from ...

Read more here  »



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryder Lake News

Hall Happenings

Residents to honour Fire Hall 5 with pot luck dinner April 25

By Peter Whitlocok, RLFI


he Hall Committee met last Friday and several items were discussed that will likely be of interest to most Ryder Lake Residents.

        Hall Caretakers: Currently the hall caretaker is Patrick Lynch with Dorothy Bendsen as a back-up.

Read more here  »



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BC Gov't News

Profiting from Peers

Hope seniors to benefit from gaming grant

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus/Voice file photo


ope Seniors Counseling Society in is receiving $15, 000 in support thanks to Community Gaming Grants announced February 24 Chilliwack-Hope MLA Laurie Throness.

“We are deliriously happy to receive this funding ...

Read more here  »



 Feature Story                                                                           Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ready to Rescue

Chilliwack SAR take command of the river with new jet boat  

Staff/Voice Photos


Long-time CSAR volunteers Pete Heemskerk (L) and Morris Duncan are happy with their new rescue craft. Below, the jet boat tears up the river on Saturday.


f you’re ever injured and lost in the woods, or stranded on a Fraser River gravel bar and need to be rescued, you want Chilliwack Search and Rescue  (CSAR) volunteers Morris Duncan, Doug Fraser, Dan McAuliffe and Pete Heemskerk to do the saving. Four big, strong strapping dudes, with broad smiles and 79 years experience preserving lives between them.


Doug Fraser, Chilliwack Search Manager, has seen a lot over his 18 years of volunteer service. He doesn't see why he can't go another 18.


“It's a great organization to be a part of," says Fraser. "Any time you have a successful rescue, when you see that missing hiker or that injured fisherman, whoever, get back together with friends and family, there's no feeling like it.”

Read more and see the photos here  »



Our Readers Write

Your opinion matters.


March 2, 2015

The Dream Team

Sherry Dunn, Spirit Abreast Dragon Boat Team

I have forwarded your posting to our executive, our captain and our coach, am sure they will be very happy to see such a great story! 


Thanks so much for posting our community group.  We really appreciate it.  Will forward the posting to the rest of the team too so they can see what a great job you are doing as a "voice in the valley".


Very impressed with your speedy reply too.


Thanks for the best wishes!  We have two weeks to spread the word before the meet and greet, should be able to find our new paddlers by then, especially when we have such a great local posting - will definitely be forwarding it through our networks.



February 12, 2015

Julius Caesar

Nipuni, UFV Theatre

Here’s a copy of our poster attached. Thank you for your support.



More letters here  »





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